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    Garrett Liners
    295 Lower Morrisville Rd.
    Fallsington, PA 19054

    Toll Free:
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    Inground Pool Liners / In Ground Swimming Pool Liners

    Vinyl inground pool liners by Garrett Liners provide the basis for many hours of water fun in your pool! Garrett Liners has been producing in ground swimming pool liners for over 40 years, and that experience manifests itself in the finest quality inground pool liners you can find anywhere.

    With over two dozen inground pool liner patterns to choose from, you are sure to find a style that matches your tastes and the ambiance of your swimming pool area.

    Finest Quality Vinyl Material
    We use only the highest quality vinyl materials. Every inch of vinyl in your in ground swimming pool liner is checked - only the finest quality material is built into your pool liner. We use premium quality vinyl and all of our vinyl comes from suppliers in the USA and Canada.

    Customer Service for your Inground Pool Liner order
    Our experienced customer service staff, working with your pool professional, provides all the necessary assistance for ordering an in ground swimming pool liner. We supply our vinyl pool liner dealers with all they need to properly measure your pool, no matter what shape. Whether your pool is a standard rectangular pool or a less traditional or highly customized shape, your measurements will be translated into a great fitting inground pool liner that lasts for years and years. Our streamlined manufacturing process supports our customer service so that we can promise to have your liner ready in a fast and efficient manner.

    Technology and Engineering Built Into our Inground Pool Liners
    All Garrett inground swimming pool liners are precision-engineered using the latest in computer-assisted design and manufacturing. We have a computerized cutting system, ensuring accuracy to within a fraction of an inch. Each seam is inspected before your pool liner leaves our manufacturing facility. Our information systems give us a high tech advantage to provide accurate ordering and tracking capabilities.

    Manufacturing Experience Guides Quality
    With over 40 years of manufacturing vinyl in ground swimming pool liners, Garrett Liners can boast:

    • An able design team to convert your measurements into an accurate design.
    • Manufacturing operators whose years of experience make them proficient in producing high quality pool liners.
    • Quality control inspectors who go over every seam to eliminate any potential problems before the liner leaves the factory.
    • Excellent customer service representatives to guide your order through to delivery.

    Get a Garrett!
    Let Garrett Liners be your supplier for your in ground swimming pool liner! Our combination of excellent patterns, quality materials, technology and engineering, customer service, and expertise makes us the best choice for your vinyl pool liner.

    Be sure to ask for a Garrett liner by name, to be sure to get the very best liner!

    Homeowners - please contact us by completing our Homeowner Contact Form and we will email you back with the name and location of your nearest pool professional where you can buy a Garrett liner. You can select a Garrett swimming pool liner pattern, print your selection, then go to your local pool professional and buy your Garrett liner. (Garrett does not sell directly to homeowners.)

    Dealers - Garrett would be pleased to work with pool professionals who want to sell and install Garrett swimming pool liner. Please complete our Dealer Contact Form or call us at 1-800-222-3650 and we will get in touch with you promptly.

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