Operation Love Thy Neighbor

‘Operation Love Thy Neighbor’ was started by Melissa and Michael Singer from Annville, PA as a community building venture to help their neighbor, a retired Marine Vietnam Veteran.  

Due to various medical injuries and conditions this retired Marine has been unable to make necessary repairs to his property that would keep him in compliance with local township codes.  If the home was not brought up to code, he and his wife could be temporarily forced from their home.  The Singer’s did not want this to happen to a man who has served his country. They wanted to be part of the solution, not a part of the problem.  

So it became the Singer’s mission to assist this Marine, and his wife, by helping them bring the property up to code requirements.  They established efforts, such as a GoFundMe page and multiple fundraisers,  to raise money to cover some of the costs of the repairs.  In addition volunteers from the community have donated their time to clean up the property by doing lawn maintenance, tree trimming, and gardening.  Local businesses have contributed as well. 

A Facebook page (OperationLoveThyNeighbor) has been established where supporters can read articles and follow the progress of projects such as this one.  You can also learn about upcoming fundraising events on the Facebook page too.

‘Operation Love Thy Neighbor’ relies on support from the community .  Your financial and/or material contributions, as well as  your time and talent can make a big difference while working together to improve the quality of life for a man who has served this country honorably. Monetary contributions can be made by visiting GoFundMe.

This is more than just a charity, it’s about investing in your community because it’s really very simple to ‘Love Thy Neighbor’.

Garrett Liners, along with Accent Pools in Lebanon PA, are proud to help support the Singer’s in their efforts by donating time and materials to re-furbish the in-ground swimming pool on this property.



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