Safety Cover Care & Maintenance

Pool Cover Safety Information

In order for your cover to perform its “safety” function and not just be a “Winter” cover, you must make sure that it continues to do two things:

To achieve these two goals, we strongly urge the following:

Care and Maintenance

Maintain Proper Water Level

The water in the pool under your cover must be maintained at a proper level both for safety and for maximum longevity of the cover. The water level of the pool must not be allowed to drop more than 18” below the cover during the snow season. The water surface under the cover can provide support in case of a heavy snow load and prevent the cover and springs from being overstretched. Conversely, you don’t want the water level to get too high, or it can pass through to the top side of the cover and create a drowning hazard. In most cases, unless the pool has a leak, you will find it necessary to remove a little water from under the cover one or more times during the time the cover is installed on the pool, depending on rainfall. We recommend checking the pool water level each month, and after any heavy rain. Failure to maintain the proper water level also produces undue strain on the cover and will void the warranty.

Maximize the Longevity of Your Cover

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