Above Ground Pool Safety

Garrett Liners is pleased to provide the following safety tips for above ground swimming pools, where no diving is ever allowed.

Information You Must Know

  1. Any diving or jumping, either head-first or otherwise, can be dangerous and may result in permanent paralysis or death. If a diver’s head hits the bottom or sides, crippling injury to the neck or spinal cord can result. There is absolutely no type of diving or head-first entry into an aboveground pool that is safe! And absolutely no type of diving equipment can be installed on it!
  2. It is your responsibility to:

Action You Must Take

  1. Before anyone is allowed to use your pool, affix the “Danger – No Diving” labels to your pool. These labels are intended to clearly indicate to all pool users that diving is unsafe in an above ground/on ground pool. They should be equally spaced around the pool and placed where they are most visible to users of your pool. Be sure that one is especially visible when entering the pool via the pool ladder.

If your pool has coping of sufficient size, the front edge of the coping is the best location. If this is not practical, the top of the coping or the portion of the liner above the waterline are alternative locations.

It is important that the surface you select is clean, smooth, and dry before applying the labels. Remove the backing, then start at the top of the label, aligning the top edge horizontally. Carefully smooth the label from the top down very lightly to remove air and wrinkles. When in place, press firmly.

  1. Be sure that these labels are not tampered with, defaced, or removed. If they become defaced or lost, additional copies can be obtained at no charge by writing or calling us.
  1. Read the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP ) publication “The Sensible Way to Enjoy Your Above ground/On ground Swimming Pool.”
  1. Acquaint ALL pool users – and especially first time visitors – with the hazards of diving into your pool before they enter the pool.
  1. Establish and enforce common sense rules for pool safety, and never allow horseplay or roughhousing.
  1. Be sure that your pool is not located near objects that might tempt people to dive, such as garages, trees, porches, etc.

This is an important safety document. Keep it in a safe place. Be sure to pass it on to any new owner.

Important: Do You Need New Signs or Labels?

If the safety information or labels are not included with the liner, or become defaced or lost, additional copies can be obtained at no charge by writing to us or calling us at (800) 222-3650.

If you have any safety-related questions or problems that your installer or dealer cannot adequately address, please contact us.

Click here for a printable Above – Ground Pool Safety & Maintenance Booklet.

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